Breitbart and Steve Bannon: A Collection of Headlines and Articles

With the appointment of Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon to the position of Chief Advisor to President-Elect Donald Trump, we explore some of the controversial headlines and article topics that were featured on Breitbart during Bannon’s tenure.

Kludgeocracy: how do we pay for government programs, and who benefits?

The short and simple: when public policy and government interventions get too complex, it is very challenging to understand how programs are funded and who benefits. As a result, people no longer understand when they are the beneficiaries of government intervention, leaving the average voter ill-prepared to make informed decisions about key policy proposals. “Keep … [Read more…]

Income Inequality: A Real Problem?

Income inequality is a widely discussed topic as it applies to the middle class, overall economic picture, and 2016 Election. Is it really a problem? If so, how big of a problem is it?

Short-termisim and temporal myopia: Weighting Long-term Consequences in Politics

People often prioritize the present over the future when making decisions. This short-sightedness, or temporal myopia, cause us to underestimate the consequences or benefits that our decisions will have in the future. Though this type of thought process is not rational, it is ingrained in the way that we make decisions.

Externalities in policy-making

Externalities represent a failure of an economic market to work properly because the purchase price of a good or service does not accurately reflect the true cost or benefit to the individual and society collectively.

Immigration and Crime

The short and simple: collecting data on crime rates is a challenging, complex art. However, of the vast body information that does exist, there is no evidence to suggest that increased immigration has a positive causative effect on crime rates. In fact, most analyses have found that immigrants – both legal and illegal – are … [Read more…]

Immigration from Mexico: Understanding the Scope

The quick and dirty: the majority of lawful immigration to the United States is centered around family reunification; net immigration from Mexico has shifted such that more people are leaving the United States than arriving from Mexico. Getting to the United States Legally # The basics of legal immigration: Let’s start with a basic understanding … [Read more…]